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Frequently asked questions

If I purchase a shelf corp can I get refunded?

If NO use of the shelf corp has occurred in any way (i.e. No Net accounts opened, No business credits, loans, etc..) SBS will buy back any shelf corp up to 12 months Minus a $500 administrative processing fee.

Will I be responsible for the history of the shelf corp?

There is NO history attached to these shelf corps. The paydex on the shelf corp comes from the time of the corp being active. All Corps come free and clear of any outstanding debts/history.

Can I schedule calls with SBS about the process and progression of my loan or shelf corp?

Once Your file has an assigned CSC (Client Success Manager) they will have calendly links to set up 10 min update calls with their assigned clients. We however are not offering any calls longer than 10 mins as that constitutes a consultation call and our consultation calls start at $75. Any consultation calls with Mrs. Showers cost $250.

What is the cost for each service (Shelf Corp/Buildout/ Consultation)?

The costs are outlined on the application. However, see below for the price breakdown. SHELF CORP: $3500/$5000 BIZ CREDIT BUILDOUT: $1500 (for those already in the pipeline it will remain $1K however my ops team has decided to increase the price since we use a portion of the price to actually secure Net 30,60, 90 Accounts). If you have your own Shelf Corp that is seasoned (not newly established) and you want for us to build it out fully, the cost is $2500.

What is the turnaround time for updates?

Updates will occur in 2-3 Business day increments. So essentially 1x/week.

How soon can I get a refund?

If you email requesting a refund during business hours Mon-Fri 10am-6pm EST we will process the request within 1-2 business days after receipt.

If I purchase a shelf corp should I apply with it over my current active business?

That is your choice, however if your current business is active and has done business and has all that's needed to apply why not use that business and save your shelf corp for other funding opportunities? But, ultimately it is your sole decision which entity you use.

I don’t have a business bank account that was open back in 2020.

You will need to open a business account as soon as possible, we are still seeing some lenders be ok with new business accounts, and some that flag the app and ask for proof the business was open and viable.

Can I build out my shelf corp along with SBS already doing it?

No. If you want to build it out yourself you can but if you hire SBS to complete it then you should allow us to handle it. However, if there is a certain Net Account you want to use to purchase something over the $50 max we use, then you can reach out to your CSC and they will instruct you how to get that completed without interfering with the work we are doing on your behalf.

Can I use my deposit for other services?

Yes, you can transfer your fee towards ANY SERVICE SBS offers. Your credit on your file will expire after 1 year of being transferred.

What paydex score does my shelf corp come with?

Between 20-40

If I purchase the build out, what can my paydex score come out to after 90 days?

80 or higher

I purchased a shelf corp but I don’t want to use it anymore 30 days after purchasing?

If you have used it in any way it does not qualify for our “buy back” program. You really should have a long-term strategy when investing in a shelf corp or just start a new formation which is a lot cheaper.

With the corps that are 3 to 5 years OR 6 to 10 years old, how will they know what age they will be purchasing?

You will get a shelf corp within the age range of what you purchased. You will know once it's assigned to you and you can verify its age by the Secretary of State docs, we give you.

What is the funding range between the two tiers?

3-5 years 1st round up to $25k, 1st year of funding up to $100k 6-10 years 1st round up to $50k, 1st year of funding up to $250k

What are the funding timelines for each tier?

Buildout takes 90 business days (3 months), we start applying by the 100th business day. Funding can happen as soon as 3 business days or take up to 2 weeks before finalized each round. There is a 6–8-week period between each round of funding.

What is the back-end fee for funding the self corp



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